Air Jordan 1 Low North Carolina Blue for Sale

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Air Jordan 1 Low North Carolina Blue for Sale

New Jordan ,Nike bullet air cushion shoes ice cream sundae brown cream chocolate hand-painted creative version of the Nike Air Max 97 new color, the strong sense of the melted cream can echo this summer atmosphere to create the strongest version of the market bullets here only compare the original shoe original TPU Reflective material original model original air cushion. Over the years, it has launched different materials and color combinations, and even various variations, and this time Japan Converse has once again brought the highest specification version of Japanese manufacturing based on the most classic All Star.

Air Jordan 1 Low North Carolina Blue original shoes open mold refused to public, purchase the company's synchronization of raw material details to restore 95% of the highest version of the entire network original authentic faithful to the original. Vance Vans Anaheim lemon yellow is the color of the heart. Vans Authentic 44 DX / Old Skool Vance Anaheim cream yellow low-top vulcanized canvas shoes. This time Vans introduced a new color cream yellow, which attracted many fans. Super fresh and dazzling tones, simply match white socks to perfectly complement the skin tone! AUT took the lead in adopting this color scheme, and quickly started to make your Vans also eye-catching.

2020 Air Jordans same popular street brand 424 and adidas brought a joint series this year, a shell head Shelltoe shoe is about to be released. The shoe type is based on the most classic Superstar, but the first year shoe type is used. The difference can be clearly seen from the heel neckline and other details, but the overall shoe type is not much different, and the name is changed to Shelltoe for distinction. This 424 joint name uses a very classic pure white dress with worn soles, and the iconic red label is dotted on the tongue. The material specifications are quite high, high-grade leather is used to create the upper, and the inner lining is also made of leather. The insole also has 424 details, showing its identity.